For day-to-day issues with QuoteExpress, our dedicated Support staff is ready to help. We pride ourselves on providing the best support services in the industry, and in our quick response time. Our techs are experienced in the industry, and our phones are answered by people!

Contacting Support

Our support staff is available from 6:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday through Friday.

Phone: 541-684-4665
Fax: 541-684-4728
Alt Phone: 1-800-813-7020

Web support request form – Please allow 15 – 20 minutes for response during business hours.  click here

Email Support - Please allow 1-2 hours for response during business hours.

To join a gotoassist support session click here

User Documentation

Video help and user guides web site log-in. click here

Complete user documentation is available within the software itself. Choose “User Guide” from the Help Menu.

Support Renewal

Each license purchased includes a one year support subscription. After the first year, support subscription features are available at a cost 12% of the current list price of QuoteExpress software.

You will be mailed a subscription renewal notice approximately 90 days before your support agreement expires.

QuoteExpress support and training has:

  • Eleven people full time in support and training
  • Six full time programmers to customize your installation
  • Design and implement software customizations to your requirements
  • Design database input, maintenance and consulting services
  • Data recovery services.
  • Unlimited Cloud data storage subscription.
  • Data upload, processing, conversion and normalization services on quotesoft servers.
  • Data analsys, storage, file transfer built in to quoteexpress
  • 90% support calls are resolved in 20 min or less
  • Unlimited toll free number phone and gotomeeting web support
  • Unlimited gotomeeting based phone and internet training
  • Basic software maintenance included free with support subscription agreement
  • Video training sessions available on demand
  • Available email and text based support